Jake Westerhof, the President of Westerview Consulting has over 30 years of unique public and private sector experience in waste/materials management focusing exclusively on material recovery and recycling strategies. Throughout his career, Jake has developed a broad network of relationships across a diverse range of stakeholder groups. Jake is a highly respected and knowledgeable industry professional who is widely recognized within both private and public organizations for his ongoing and valued contributions to the advancement of materials recycling.



In working with Westerview Consulting, you will work directly with Jake who is available to offer his valued insights and pragmatic advice on technical, strategic and policy related issues.


Services are developed to uniquely address your situation and needs.

This can include:


  • Recycling Infrastructure Development & Evaluation,


  • Recovery facility design, project management support, including commissioning, performance testing and employee training,


  • Single-stream/Dual-stream/Mixed Waste Processing contract procurement support, business plan development and feasibility studies,


  • Commodity marketing, analysis and strategic business review,


  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) operations and service delivery review,


  • Packaging design for recyclability recommendations 

Jake is recognized for their collaborative style and commitment to getting results.




Jake Westerhof


Tel: 416.420.6551

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