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Jake Westerhof, the President of Westerview Consulting has over 30 years of unique public and private sector experience in waste/materials management focusing exclusively on material recovery and recycling strategies. Throughout his career, Jake has developed a broad network of relationships across a diverse range of stakeholder groups. Jake is a highly respected and knowledgeable industry professional who is widely recognized within both private and public organizations for his ongoing and valued contributions to the advancement of materials recycling.

Jake Westerhof

His area of specialization includes Material Recovery Facility (MRF) facility/systems design & operations, having successfully directed the development of several large-scale, single stream and dual stream facilities over the past 10 years. Jake also has many years of experience & extensive knowledge of recyclable material markets, a valuable skill at this transformational time of unstable and limited market conditions. Jake has been a leading voice in materials recovery and recycling policy issues throughout his career, where is operational experience provides a unique understanding.


Prior to establishing Westerview in 2018, Jake spent 22 years at Canada Fibers/Urban Resource Group, the largest processor of recyclable materials in Canada.


Jake held senior leadership roles in both material marketing and MRF operations serving as Vice President, Operations & Corporate Strategy. He was the driving force behind the geographic expansion of Material Recycling Facility (MRF) Processing and more recently was leading the development of Mixed Solid Waste (MSW) Processing.


Jake is a member of the Ontario Waste Management Association and until recently was on the Board of Directors, where he served since 2012. He has spoken at many industry events, meetings and conferences over his career and was a participant in the highly acclaimed Ontario Circular Economy Innovation Lab (CEIL) for Printed Paper & Packaging.

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